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My task on this project was to redraw it with the proper element dimension. Turkey is one of the most dangerous earthquake zones, and the structure needs to be truly colosal to make this building safe.

tetusa 01 06.jpg
tetusa 06 01.jpg
tetusa 03 03.jpg
tetusa 03 03a.jpg

The edge of the building is a complex shape bend in many directions. With smart adjustments to shape and slight breaking of the rules, we found a solution of scafolding made so that all scafold shapes are the same. It is easy to make complicated shape, it is hard to make it smart and easy to build.

tetusa 05 02.jpg
enota tetusa oasis 04.jpg
enota tetusa oasis 06.jpg
enota tetusa oasis 05.jpg
enota tetusa oasis 13.jpg
enota tetusa oasis 12.jpg
enota tetusa oasis 07.jpg
tetusa 06 02.jpg
tetusa 06 06.jpg
enota tetusa oasis 21.jpg
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